IMPORTANT: Issue with Vacant Positions Report
An issue has been identified with the Vacant Positions Report and the SHARP Salary Planning File (Vacant Positions tab) whereby some positions are not appearing. UIT has investigated and identified the root cause of the issue and are currently workin...

April Networking and Communications Statement
Networking and Communications Statement are now available for April 2021.

Finance - Invoice PDF files
Due to modified operations, the availability of accounts payable invoice images through eReports will be delayed. Images for invoices processed during the week will be available in the following week. Invoices for purchases made through Smartbuy are...

Enhancements to Salary Planning file
The SHARP Salary Planning Report for the 2020-21 budget cycle is now available on eReports. Please note the following: 1. The Report has been modified to incorporate the principles of the new CPM compensation framework (e.g. step progression, lump su...

Issue when opening certain Excel files in eReports
If you are experiencing issues when downloading Excel files from this application, please open this post by clicking on the title above and then click on the link below to open the PDF with the instructions on how to download it. Link to the PDF with...

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